Oh My gDiapers

gDiapers. Have I said how much I fricking love these things?

Holy cute for something meant to be shit in!
Sure, there was a bit of a learning curve. We had some problems with leaking. But to be honest, we’ve had problems with leaking in any kind of diaper. Peanut has some anorexic-type baby legs and diapers just aren’t made for that. So, once we got the hang of the things, they turned out to be my favorite diapers.

We moved to the gDiapers right before she was 8 lbs (the recommended weight) which was too soon because I’m impatient and hastey. That didn’t work out and I just chalked it up to her being too small. After hitting 8 lbs, we tried and failed again–this time I decided that her skinny legs were to blame. Only later did I find out I was doing it wrong. There is one very important step when putting on the gDiaper that was mentioned a million times on their website, but somehow I still seemed to miss it.

This is the diaper liner when you first put it on. Make sure to tuck it into the crease between your babe’s leg fat and girley (or boy-ey) parts.

I know what you’re thinking. “Is there really a difference?” Less than an inch, but that inch is the difference between leaky diaper and not leaky diaper.

It is VERY important that you litterally take the liner and tuck it into the crease between their “parts” and leg. You know, that lovely leg flap right there that’s always collecting poo? Yeah, that. They say “right in the crease of their legs like underwear” right on a video on the site, but I still didn’t get it. I AREZ SMRT!!!

So after getting the flushable inserts thing down (with a couple clogs… DON’T FORGET TO SWISH!!!) we moved on to cloth inserts. I bought some and made some. Quite honestly, I like mine more. I just took some of the microfiber cloths and surrounded them in plain old cloth diaper material and sewed around the edges. This will be further explained in a future post after I do my medium/large sized ones and perfect the method a bit.

We still use the flushable inserts at night and I change her once during the night. With the cloth inserts, I change her about every 2-3 hours and we normally don’t have problems with leaks unless I forget to change her.

I just recieved my medium sized g’s and I’m excited to use the new ones with new colors, but also very sad that OMFG MY BABY IS ALREADY IN A MEDIUM?!?! Overall, I’m happy we decided to go with gDiapers and stuck with them long enough to figure it out.

Wanna try g’s? Use this code to get $30 dollars off (so it’s 40 dollars) of a 6 pack of everyday g’s. g729Lindstrom

Friendship Terminated

I found out the other day that a girl who I went to high school with deleted me from her friends on Facebook. This wasn’t just any girl from high school though. She was in my prom group (there were only 3 couples, so kind of a big deal), she came to my wedding, she was one of 3 of my friends who came to my baby shower. She is LDS, but I had her categorized as one of the good ones that doesn’t judge me or hate me for not being religious. Reasonably, I felt hurt.

I assumed there was some mistake, so I texted her. She admitted to it and said “It was selfish on my part and I stand by it.”

I Twitter. I’ve been Tweeting for some time and it has always updated my Facebook status. As of the last few months, I’ve been using Twitter to it’s full extent and following things that I’m interested in. Along with my friends, I follow CNN, Al Gore, various mommybloggers, and–most important for the sake of this story–many breastfeeding activists. I quite often retweet things the people that I follow say. It’s mostly links to articles, but I retweet them because I have people who follow me and I have friends on facebook who want to read these articles.

Apparently, I offended her? She says “I could live without constant detail of your breasts and their milk and your use of profanities.” This is the breakdown of my tweets for the last 6 days before this discussion: 38 tweets total (that would be posted to Facebook… so no @replys), 7 were about breastfeeding, 4 had profanity. Of the 7 that were about breastfeeding, 5 were retweets and 2 were actually referring to me breastfeeding. The profanity is something that I find reasonable to be offended about–even if I don’t agree with it. But breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is offending you? Oh my. This is bad.

I will admit that one of the two tweets was about me using breastmilk to cure Peanut’s eye infection…

…(it worked), but it’s still not horribly offensive imo. She called what I was saying “irreverent and disgusting” which is something I just can’t understand.

Though I wish I could change everyone’s opinion on breastfeeding, it is simply not possible. So instead, I will say that if you find what I say or do offensive or disrespectful and you’re not willing to deal with it, I’m not willing to deal with you.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because people who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Suess

Oh, The Joys Of Laundry

Laundry, laundry, laundry. It’s the one thing that must continue to be done even when the world around you has gone awry.

As many of my childless peers do not know, babies=Holy Crap Laundry. Srsly, I wasn’t aware that I could have this much laundry. So, with my Post Giving Birth In My Fricking Bathroom Brain, it was difficult to remember when I might or might not have started some laundry. Since we are currently living in my in-law’s basement and they are strategically placed near the appliances which clean my clothing, my mother-in-law often helped with the laundry.

At first, I felt bad. I tried to finish my own laundry, but alas, I forgot. I resorted to setting a timer on my phone. This is when I found out our washer is a dirty, mischievous liar. It claims that it takes 52 minutes to wash clothes, so I set my alarm for 1 hour. After the alarm going off and me dinking around for a bit, I go upstairs only to find it has “8 minutes” left. Dirty, mischievous liar.

So on she went with finishing my laundry. She even folds the clothes! And on I went feeling distraught that she was forced to do my laundry. And on she went saying she didn’t mind. It kind of became our “thing.”

Today, I had a genuine plan to switch the laundry before leaving for class. Of course, being the Lindstrom I am, I was running late. I realized when I was half way to Curtis’s work that I forgot, so I called her and asked her to switch it over (mostly to be polite). She was a little short over the phone, but I figured that she was just busy. Then I come home to unfolded laundry… so this begs the question, is my mother-in-law mad at me?

On a semi-related topic. Curtis was changing a diaper today and Peanut pooped all over the changing mat. This results in more laundry, but it also results in ROFLMAO!!!

My Cervical Cancer Story

I could have died of cancer at age 15.

I was irresponsible. I had unprotected sex. Luckily, I also had a mom who cared. I had a good enough relationship with my mom to tell her when I became sexually active. Of course, she wasn’t happy about it, but she did what she could to better the situation. She bought me condoms, which I used every time but once. That once was a very bad time.

She also started taking me to see the gynecologist. When I was 15, I had an irregular pap smear. After doing a biopsy of my cervix (the most painful thing that I’ve felt up until giving birth) they said it was “pre-cancerous.” I was one of the lucky ones. I had a LEAP and moved forward with my life.

I haven’t had an irregular pap smear since my surgery. When you have a LEAP, they go in an cut off part of your cervix. This can lead to problems with pregnancy and preterm labor. I was lucky enough to not have this, though I had some close calls.

In Utah especially, we have a problem with young, sexually active girls not going in to get pap smears and tests for sexually transmitted infections. We are an abstinence only state, which means we aren’t taught how to prevent pregnancy and STI’s, just that if we don’t have sex then we won’t have to worry about it. What about the ones that DO have sex? You know at least some won’t listen to you. Is it worth it to let those who don’t chose your ways suffer?