Mama Outside, Mama Inside

We are pretty regular library goers, even as life gets hectic. Books are important, yo! Most often, Peanut wanders around haphazardly grabbing books to take home. This means that we often get books on very… er… interesting topics. Like adoption stories or grandparents dying or raising chickens in Africa (these are all real examples). Things I wouldn’t necessarily pick out myself, but I like that. We learn about new things and see things from different perspectives. Sometimes they end up being books that I genuinely don’t like reading, in which case they’re put into the return to the library bag. Sometimes though, we find a real gem. This book was such a case.



This is a really cute story about a mama preparing for her baby to come while a mama bird outside her window does the same. And the best part? Breastfeeding!



Isn’t that picture perfect? New mama nursing her baby while dad helps by positioning a pillow under her arm. Makes me miss those days when my girls were young. Oh those memories of achy nursing arms.

So go see if your library has this wonderful book. And if they don’t, you can get it on Amazon for under $7. I think I may buy it myself.

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