Riding the Bus

DSC_0110If you have the opportunity, I suggest you take a ride on the bus with your kids. Personally, we can’t most days. With our current schedule I’m driving 15-30 minutes to one of the grandparents’ houses and then another 20-40 minutes up to campus from there. Neither set of grandparents has a bus that goes anywhere near their house and I honestly feel bad taking any extra time to get to and from school for both the grandparents who are doing us this favor and Twig who I’m already spending so much time away from.

Thursdays are different though. I don’t have class until the afternoon, so we drop off Peanut at school and then I spend the morning alone with Twig until we pick Peanut up after lunch and go drop them both at the grandparents’ for my lab. This means that we have some extra time and, since the girls love it, we try to take the bus to drop off Peanut.

Beyond the fact that it’s green or that it saves us money, there’s a bigger reason why we take the bus: the girls love it.

DSC_0112It’s so easy to strap them in their car seats and go. I know exactly where they are, they can’t get out, and my mind can wander off to different things. It’s almost like a mini version of alone time. Or at least it is until it’s not. Then bickering starts or they dropped a toy or they’re screaming at me to play What Does the Fox Say? for the millionth time. Sometimes it’s a peaceful trip, but most days it’s not.

On the bus it’s a different thing. They play with each other. They watch their surroundings. They show me things I never realized that they could do and parts of their personality that I don’t normally get to see. It turns a normal trip to drop Peanut off at school into a fun excursion.

All this for the $20 a year for a bus pass (through my school) and an extra 10 minutes each way.

I’m not sure if it would be the same if we took the bus every day, but I’m excited to try it out when Twig gets into the preschool next year. I’m sure there will be days when we take the car instead. But the days on the bus will be good ones.

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