Newsletter – October 2013

Hi Girls!

Still catching up on newsletters and this month was Halloween! Peanut chose the costumes and Twig was happy to go along (probably the last year for that!), so you two were Jack Skellington and Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was still able to make your costumes even in the rush of the semester and I’m really happy with how they turned out. This is the first year in a while that mom and dad didn’t dress up though because I couldn’t fit those costumes into my schedule. I did wear my Arwen from Lord of the Rings backup costume from a few years ago to take you trick or treating though! As we went from house to house and you both said “Thank you” for the treats, everyone thought that Twig was blowing kisses (the sign for “Thank you” is touching your chin and then bringing your hand down, which does look a lot like blowing a kiss from a toddler). So what did Twig do? She started blowing kisses at everyone as we left their houses! It was darling and hilarious. What a great Halloween.

Trying on your hat before Halloween to make sure mama put the ear in the right place.

Twig, you also started to potty train in October! You’re still not perfect (though you should and could be, but we had a couple hiccups along the way on Mama’s end), but you’re doing awesome. You were so happy to start going pee and poop in the potty like big sister. Really, you want to do just about anything big sister does. I was worried about Halloween given that you only had one costume and could likely have an accident in it then be costumeless, but you did awesome.

You also exploded in your speech development. It went from me having a relatively accurate list of word you could say to you literally showing me that you could say a new one every day. And you haven’t stopped since! You have a pretty amazing vocabulary at this point. I wish I could even come close to telling you the words that you know, but I’ve honestly lost track at this point. You know “eye” to tell me that the sun is in your eyes. All sorts of other body parts. You say most people’s names-Andy (an-ee), Mema (though you also use this for Oma), Pop Pop (pa-pa), etc. It’s pretty awesome.

You also are in love with babies. This month you started carrying your baby doll around the house¬†all the time. You love to hold them upright against your shoulder and pat them like you’re burping them. In the Treehouse Museum your absolute favorite section is the babies. You even say “bee-bee!”

Peanut, you and I had some fun this month telling the story of The Hobbit. Daddy and I both love The Lord of the Rings and one day when we were on our way to preschool, you said that you were scared to be there during quiet time. They have everyone lay on their cots and relax for an hour and it’s right before I pick you up. Definitely not your favorite time, but I do think it helps you even though you don’t sleep. Since I knew that I couldn’t pick you up before quiet time that particular day, I asked if I could tell you a story that you could think of while you rested. You agreed and I started telling you the story of The Hobbit. Over the next 3-4 days as we drove to school I kept telling it to you and you loved it. I stuck as closely to the real storyline as possible and you didn’t even get scared. Bilbo became one of your favorite “people” for a while. You told everyone about how you love Bilbo.¬†Doing this made me realize that maybe you were old enough to appreciate a real audiobook on the way to school. We ended up getting Princess Academy from the library and you loved it. I’m excited to listen to more audiobooks on our way to school this semester. Maybe even listen to The Hobbit for real (it’s written for kids).

You also started showing your true fashion sense, which is interesting to say the least! Every day you not only insist on picking your own outfit, but you pick combinations that I would never have thought of. You also have to have very specific shoes, accessories, coat, etc. It’s gotten even more extravagant over the last couple months. Necklaces, hair accessories, leggings versus tights. It’s awesome. I hope that you never lose the way to dress how you want without caring what others will think (though I know it’s inevitable).

Love, Mama

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