I’m Forever Theirs

I write this as I watch Peanut at her preschool through the one-way glass. Yes, I should probably be doing homework instead of staring at my child, but I just don’t want to. You see, she’s pretty frickin’ awesome.

Really, parenting is just great.
I spend a lot of time on this blog logging my complains, contemplations, and struggles. And yes, there are certainly a lot of those. Life as a parent of two little people (and soon to be three!) is so difficult at times that I want to lock myself in the closet. Being frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed is a regular part of the life of a parent, but it’s only part.
Occasionally I feel the need to reiterate this. Maybe just to keep the record of our lives via the internet evened out or maybe just because of hormonal bursts of love I feel for my children. Whatever it is, this amazing part of parenthood is not only the reason we all continue to survive as a species (if it were all bad, no one would reproduce!), but the reason I live.
These two little girls make my heart sing. They are my biggest accomplishment in life and the best thing about it. Watching them accomplish new things makes me swell with pride, watching them struggle makes me want to hurt things, watching them love each other makes me realize this is what I was put on this earth to do. They are my babies and I love them more than I could ever have imagined I could.
They are mine and I am overcome with happiness for I am forever theirs.

One thought on “I’m Forever Theirs

  1. Fay Wilde says:

    Sometimes you just make my heart sing so hard that it breaks. It’s wonderful to watch one of my most precious creations doing and feeling as I have done and felt. So if I seem sappy or overly sentimental, please excuse me. I’m just the old mommy/grandma who’s loving life watching you all grow up together. XOXOXO. Mema


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