Newsletter – November 2013

Hey girls!

Now that spring semester is over (yay!) I have A LOT of catching up to do in the newsletter department. I kept track of some notes about each month for myself, so hopefully I can figure out what I was talking about and give you an accurate picture of what each month was like. So let’s go back in time to November!

Twig, you continued on with your awesome language development. This month your favorite word was “dis” (this) and you went around calling everything dis. You would ask me “dis?” and point to something, then I had to tell you what that item was called. If you wanted something, you’d point and say “dis!” which if I couldn’t figure it out fast enough turned into “DIS!!!” with as much anger as you could muster!

Your other big word this month was “me.” You love to look at pictures of yourself and we’d often play a game of Who is it? when looking at pictures of babies. You’d always guess “me!” Also if we asked you who you were, you’d say “me!” So cute!

Both of you decided to get attached to a stuffed animal this month. I think for Twig it was mostly all the time away from Mama and for Peanut it was mostly because Twig had a favorite animal. Both of you, especially Twig, brought your animals EVERYWHERE. Twig’s animal was a stuffed owl and Peanut’s was a purple dog named violet. Twig also learned the word “owl” from this attachment.

Peanut made a big leap in numbers this month. You could count pretty high for a while now, but this was the month you learned to read double digit numbers. On our way to school one day after dropping off Twig, you suddenly became interested in numbers on the side of the road. So we made games of it where I’d find a number on a sign and you’d tell me what it was. For some reason, all the stuff I’d been trying to tell you about how 40 is just 4 with a 0 (and therefore sounds like “four-tee”) clicked too. For a while you kept calling 50 five-tee, but you got that kink figured out pretty quick.

You also started to sound out a lot more words this month. You’ve known simple words like “cat” by sight for a few months now, but it was now that you started actually sounding out words. It still took a leap that you weren’t quite ready to make to push those letters together to the word (unless it was a word you already knew), but you loved just doing all the sounds together and then having mom help you with the extra step of putting them together into a word. It’s awesome to have you interested in reading at a young age so we can just take it slowly.

Love, Mama

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