Banana’s Birth Story

40 weeks 0 days

After having tried everything reasonable (chiropractor, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, long walk, sex) to have another 20th baby, I had given up. Around 10pm, I had sex (which is also how Peanut’s labor started) and I felt crampy and had contractions after, but none of this was out of the norm for what had been happening for weeks. I joked that if I went into labor the next day (after having tried so hard to get our third 20th baby), I would be pissed. My husband jokingly said we could fudge the birth certificate.

I went to bed around 11pm and woke to contractions every so often, but that also wasn’t out of the ordinary lately. I don’t know how often I was contracting and they weren’t intense enough to take me out of my sleepy haze.

At 2am, I woke feeling really crampy and needing to pee. When I peed, there was some blood that was enough to drip, but not mucusy, so I figured it was just from the sex. I also figured the crampy feeling was just from the sex, so I heated up my rice pad and laid back down in bed with it on my uterus. That helped the crampy feeling, but made it clear I was also contracting. Still not much different than what’s been happening for weeks, so I stayed in bed and tried to go back to sleep.

Relaxing with some needles in my arms and legs.

Around 2:20 or so, I realized that the contractions were getting more intense. I was still skeptical, but decided to move Twig (who had come to our bed sometime before I woke up) into her room and tell my husband (who was sleeping with Peanut in the girls’ bed) to come into our room. I told him I didn’t really think that it was time, but that he should come sleep in our room.

Standing made the contractions much more intense though and it was starting to become clear to me that it was, indeed, time. I had a few more contractions on the bed on all fours (my midwife said that laboring on all fours would help prevent the cervical lip I had last time) and then told my husband it was time to call the midwife.

At 2:56 he called her, but from my perspective it seemed he was doing it more as a precaution. She had told us that she would rather come out ten times for false labor than miss the birth. I heard him ask her on the phone if there was anything he should look for to see if she should be coming and she asked if I wanted her to come. I said yes and she said she was on her way. He also called his mother who was on duty to watch the girls while I was in labor and she also headed this way.

I tried being on all fours during contractions on the bed, but it wasn’t comfortable, even when I rested my head on the bed. So I laid on my side on the bed and had a few more contractions. During one of these I felt the baby move down and started feeling an urge to push. I told Curtis as much and he called the midwife again to see if she was close, that was at 3:26. She said she was just a few minutes away. I really wanted to get in the tub so Curtis asked if I could and she said yes, so I climbed in. I had told him earlier to make sure it wasn’t too cold, as it was with Mere’s birth, so he erred on the side of hot. It was too hot though and I said so right when I got in, but once I had my legs in I couldn’t get out, so I just dropped onto my knees. He added some cold water with the hose and I had a couple more contractions in my standard position of all fours resting with my arms and head on the side of the pool. I still felt the urge to push, but kept from actively doing it.

The midwife arrived and my husband climbed in the pool to sit in front of me and hold me. I asked the midwife to check me because I didn’t feel like it could already be time to push. She checked and said listen to your body. I actually asked her if that meant it was okay to push (I wanted direct confirmation) and she said yes. So I pushed with the next few contractions and then I wanted to feel how close the baby was, which was almost crowning and still in the sack. I asked my husband where the girls were and he said his mom was trying to wake Peanut up (she’s a really deep sleeper). I told him to get them in here and he yelled to his mom that it was time now. She was finally able to get Peanut awake and they came in just a few minutes before the baby was born.

I pushed another couple times and felt the ring of fire, but pretty much pushed through it until the baby’s head was out. At this point I think the midwife saw another possible shoulder dystocia because I felt her manipulating the baby. I pushed again and the baby came out, sac still completely intact! That’s two babies born in the caul! The girls both yelled “it’s a boy!” He was born at 3:40am. My husband, with Peanut and Twig each holding onto his hand helping, cut the cord (his first time!).

I just cried and kept saying “we have a boy!” and things of that sort. He was absolutely covered in vernix, despite being two days “late.” He didn’t cry though, so the midwife told me to start rubbing his back. He let out a little cry, but still wasn’t breathing right, so the midwife stuck a tube down his throat and sucked out the excess fluid in his lungs. She later said the fluid probably didn’t come out because the birth had been so fast.

After that he started breathing better. She told me to wait to nurse until we were out of the pool just in case. I wanted to birth the placenta in the pool though, honestly just to avoid the possibility of getting my bed all gross, so I waited and held him. Once the cord stopped pulsing, I pushed out the placenta and then we got out of the tub and nursed on the bed. We finally got our boy.

Gideon James
August 21st, 2014 3:40am
9 lbs 4 oz
20.25 inches long
14 inch head circumference
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    He’s gorgeous! Congratulations!


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