Newsletter – March 2014


Back to catching up with our newsletters, now we’re onto March! Peanut, you turned five this month! Yay!

Riding your birthday present with your birthday girl pin.

Speaking of your birthday Peanut, this is the first year you really understood it was coming. Months and months before your actual birthday (really I think it was just a few months past your last birthday) you told me you wanted a surprise party. I told you this meant you didn’t get to choose a theme or anything and you were okay with it. You spent nearly every day this month counting how many more days until your birthday and you were completely surprised when you came home from music class one Saturday to your Frozen themed party. For how much you loved that movie, I just couldn’t go with any other theme.

Pointing to the house you painted in the class painting at your art show for preschool.

This month we also “read” (or rather listened to the audiobook) The Hobbit. One day on the way to school you were nervous about staying during nap time, so I told you the story of The Hobbit. It took us three or four days of the time from when we dropped off sister to when we got to school to tell it. You loved it so much that I decided we should get the audiobook. You loved that too. We spent nearly the whole month listening to it. In the end you told me your favorite characters were Bilbo and Gandalf, quickly followed by naming every character you could remember. You also started making up languages this month (mostly just speaking jibberish and calling it a language). Wonder if the two are related?

Last photo with our chickens before they went to a new home.

You also started another level of independent play this month. You’re a very social little girl, so independent play has never really been your favorite thing, but suddenly you started really enjoying your alone time. You just sit and color by yourself, stay in quiet time (and really seem to benefit from it) looking through books on your bed, even playing pretend by yourself making little dolls talk and do silly things. It’s like some magic switch flipped.

Twig, this month (similar to last which you did with the color blue), everything was two. You would bring me any number of things and announce proudly that there were two. If I asked you how many, two. Maybe it’s because you figured out you were two? Regardless, it was pretty dang cute.

This month your vocabulary just exploded. Suddenly you were saying words I didn’t know you knew every day and speaking in actual sentences. You coincidentally became really interested in books this month and would actually sit still long enough for me to read them. At the time of me writing this, reading books is now one of your favorite things.

Banana, this month I finally felt you move. It took so much longer than it did with Twig that I was convinced I must have an anterior placenta, but my ultrasound showed it low and posterior. Once I felt you move though, it was pretty constant movement there on out.

That’s all I have for this month! Love you all!

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