Newsletter – July 2014

Hello children!

We’re still in our catchup of newsletters (I swear I’m going to make it! Only a few more months to go!) and now we’re on to July. Another wonderful summer month full of sun and swimming and parks and awesome. Seriously this summer was amazing.

Peanut, we read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone this month. Every year I have a tradition of re-reading the Harry Potter series right around my birthday (and also Harry’s) and this year I decided to involve you in the fun. We just read the first book and you loved it. I couldn’t read more than a chapter, sometimes two, at a time without you getting antsy, but you wanted to read it every day. I love that you can get really interested in stuff like this now.

You also learned all the coins this month to go along with your address and phone number. It was another thing in your Miss Binderkarten book that you should know before entering kindergarten, making it the last thing we had to check off. It was a little more tricky for you than the phone number and address, but you got it down pretty quick. Now we get to play fun games like “Would you rather have…?” and you get to choose which pile gives you the most money.

Lastly, you did swim lessons this month. You were both excited and nervous about going, but just really excited once they started. Every weekday for two weeks we went to the pool for your lesson. I was amazed how much more confident you became in the water. Now you’ll put your whole face in no problem and do so in the bath all the time. You’re really excited to continue with your lessons next year when you’re 6.

Twig, you had a really fun month too! This month you had your first sleepover at Oma and Opa’s. I was really surprised that you weren’t upset or anything. You haven’t had once since though because you always change your mind about staying at the last minute.

You also decided that you adore cows. Every time we go out to the farm to get milk you get so excited. Even if you were about to pass out in your car seat, pulling into the farm makes you wake right up and start waving and yelling “hi moos!” at the baby cows. Then when we leave you say “bye moos! Love you moos!” and “bye mama moos!”

You also started telling me this month that Peanut is your best friend. Whenever you’re mad at me you go running to her for a hug. And you even tease her saying “I see your gina!” whenever you see her changing.

Banana, your sisters are so excited to meet you! They give my belly hugs and kisses every day (and multiple times a day!). This month you’re still plumping up and getting ready to join us on the outside. A big milestone was at the end of this month you reached full term. Of course that doesn’t mean I was going to rush you out or anything, but it was a big reassurance that you were big enough to be born at home now. Less than a month until your birthday!

Love you all!

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