A cold and bitter day

A cold and bitter day

I am so sorry to be starting off this blog on a bleak note. Because the weather out here is quite cold and bitter. I do not normally sit with my leather motorcycling jacket on while I do my typing at my bedroom desk but it is that cold. I must point out, mind you, that I do not have any bitter thoughts about the day so far. It started off quite horribly but that is ok. The worst is over for now. I had a rather bitter thought now the other day. On his social media page, the minister responsible for social welfare and development was looking quite starry eyed.

You see, he and his attractive looking family were looking awe-struck on top of an open deck two-storied bus. They were in the middle of New York City’s iconic Times Square. And yes, they were having the time of their lives on vacation. They could do this in one of the world’s most expensive cities for residents and tourists alike because, thanks to taxpayers, particularly the poor, the minister could well afford it. On my meagre wages, am I jealous or bitter of this fortunate man?

Not in the least. In fact, on his behalf, I am quite ashamed. Now, I quite agree that everyone deserves a good holiday away from home every once in a while, and if she can afford to go to places that others only dream of, well good for her. It is good, particularly if she worked hard and earned her break. But this man did not earn his vacation, let alone have the right to go all the way to the East Coast of America. Under his watch, today, people are starving and without a roof over their heads.

And in line with his ministerial portfolio there are literally hundreds of open cases which have yet to be even sniffed at. Another man with half the amount of compassion required for this demanding job would not go about brazenly posting across social media what a great time he is having. Mr Minister, have you no shame. And, you know what they also say; when the cat’s away, the mice shall play. Although I happen to believe that these creatures will do a better job as things stand now.

Nevertheless, while this Minister of Social Welfare and Development is out gallivanting, the lazy, incompetent and uncaring staff does even less work. There is no chance of them being caught in the act, taking their customary long lunch breaks while patients stand in long lines in cold and dark corridors. Does any of this sound familiar to you? And do ask me, I know. I was there just the other day. What should have taken no more than an hour to deal with, ended up being dragged out for the entire day.

I must confess that I am a smoker. That frustrating day must have been the longest time I had been without a smoke break. There simply was no time. But late in the afternoon when I got that chance, I could not help noticing how many of the administration staff was rushing off home when there were still patients waiting for service inside.

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