About me

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening to you no matter where in the world you are in today. This blog website is for all of you. We hope it’s going to be of service to you and your communities because we are going to be talking about issues that mainly affect women no matter what their socio-economic class or cultural affiliations. When it does happen, the problems that will be spoken about are universal. Women whose hearts are warm and adhere to their natural instincts as mothers and care-givers should find value in most of the posts that will be published and archived here.
The main theme of this blog is social consciousness. The thoughts, feelings, motivation and, we hope, inspiration given, are written from the point of view of a woman who is young at heart but world weary. During the day, and on many nights when there are emergencies, she works as a social worker for a non-governmental organization which specializes in assisting the needy. Before delving into the sub-themes that are being covered in this blog, it might be worth our while exploring this question.
What exactly is meant by being ‘needy’?
To answer this topical but serious question, we take our cue from our own inspiration derived from a religious text which expounds on the ‘gift of giving’. For good reason, we are not mentioning the religion, sect or denomination. We want to continue our practice of respect for all, and we continue to motivate that no matter what our religious or cultural differences, if there are any, we all have something in common, and the problems and issues dealt with are all universal anyway. So, for instance, when a young mother and her small child go hungry tonight, we should all be expressing the same feelings of compassion in regard to helping her.
If for some reason we are not in a position to assist, we go out and find help. This scenario is a familiar one and, whether it is morning, noon, or night, it happens anywhere in the world. Those who are needy are not just bereft of a good, warm meal for the day and a decent, sheltered environment which they can call home. Natural disasters, such as the recent spate of earthquakes, can strike suddenly. Almost immediately, families lose their homes and livelihoods. The terminally ill and poor elderly always need to be helped. No matter how hard they may try, they are not always able to help themselves.
Where the problems of this world are concerned, women and their children always seem to bear the brunt of these. This is unfair and unacceptable. If it is not already been done, their needs need to be prioritized. But although there are daily tragedies, there is always room for a smile and something inspirational which invariably lifts the spirits of others who need it most. So, this blog is no different. While it is sensitive to the needs of others, it does not shy away from sharing something worth smiling or laughing about. Usually, a chat about day to day and social life helps.
The writer will also be sharing her recent experiences at work as a social worker. She will also be having a conversation about how to deal with personal situations while sharing some of her own personal encounters. Thoughts will also be shared about health issues and family life, whether it is serious problems that need to be ironed out or joyful events worth sharing with the readers. Welfare must extend to our animals. So expect a chat about them too. We should all be moving in the direction of living a wholly green life. We believe that if we are able to do this then much more of the earth’s resources can be cared for and shared fairly and equally.
Finally, this writer has encounters to share in regard to her blogging work which is directly related to how she is trying to serve her communities better. There are no expert ‘tips and tricks’ being shared here. All that is hoped is that both motivation and inspiration can be spread to those who need it and those who want to make a difference.