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Recipes for a green smoothie diet

Recipes for a green smoothie diet

Sometimes we simply don’t want to sit down and make sure that we eat all those green veggies that we should be eating. Even though we know they’re great for us, sometimes they’re just not very fun to eat. So, if you’re looking for a way to make sure to get those important vegetables in your diet you might want to consider trying a green smoothie diet.


A green smoothie diet may not even sound very good to some of you out their either, but I’m just asking that you consider it and to make it easier for you, here’s a few very interesting and great tasting green smoothies that could very well change your mind.


Here’s the first green smoothie recipe for this green smoothie diet that I think that you may really enjoy.

Matcha Pear Green Smoothie

If you want a good tasting smoothie and one that will also give you a great boost of energy, then you’ll want to add this to your green smoothie diet.


2 scoops of vanilla flavored powdered protein

1 cup almond milk

1 cup of spinach

1 pear cored and chopped

½ teaspoon of matcha tea powder (can be found at health food stores)



It’s simple. Just add all the above ingredients into your blender, blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy.

Spinach & Orange Smoothie

For a nice and refreshing green smoothie to add to a green smoothie diet you should love this one with it’s wonderful refreshing citrus flavor.


1 peeled navel orange

½ banana

1 cup of spinach

¼ cup of coconut water as desired to get the consistency that you want

1 tablespoon of hemp seeds (optional)




Put all ingredients in your blender with several ice cubes and blend on high

Add the coconut water to get the consistency you want and then pour and serve.

Green Smoothie With Ginger & Orange

This green smoothie is a great one for a green smoothie diet because of its ingredients add a wonderful natural sweetness to it that will make you think you’re enjoying a wonderful dessert.


1 ½ cups water

4 handfuls of fresh spinach

4 romaine leaves

2 peeled navel oranges

2 bananas

1 to 2 inch knob of fresh grated ginger

1 cucumber peeled



If your blender is high powered then throw all the ingredients in and blend them until smooth. If your blender isn’t high powered then first blend the romaine and spinach until smooth and then add the remaining ingredients and blend well.

Blueberry Mint Green Smoothie

If you have kids and they simply can’t stand the thought of drinking something that is green colored, this one will change their minds because it’s not the color green because of the blueberries so they might really love this one as part of a green smoothie diet.


2 cups spinach

2 cups blueberries

3 to 4 large mint leaves

1 cup coconut water

1 cup of ice



Combine all the ingredients together in your blend until it’s nice and smooth. Serve and enjoy!

Honeydew & Mint Smoothie

This is a great one to add to a green smoothie diet especially for during the summer months. Not only is it refreshing but it has a beautiful light green color that makes it more attractive to even those who shy away from green things.


½ honeydew cut into cubes

½ cup of coconut milk

1 to 2 fresh mint leaves

1 teaspoon of lime juice

1 cup of ice

Honey for extra sweetness



Add all the ingredients into your blender and blend well until it’s the smoothness you want. Take a taste and if it’s not sweet enough for you then add honey until it reaches the sweetness you are looking for. Even kids should enjoy this one and it could help them get over drinking things that are green.

As you can see, you can enjoy a green smoothie diet that is not only great for you but one that you can actually enjoy with some of these great tasting recipes. Hope you’ll try them all and discover which ones you like and want to share with your friends and family.



Women’s health issues and how they can be managed

Hi there, thanks for joining me on my blog where I discuss and share with you all topics and thoughts and ideas related to only women’s health issues. In this short, introductory post, I’m going to take you on a quick tour on why I’ve decided to talk about female health and fitness and nothing else. Well, sometimes, we could go off the beaten track if the subject material is that interesting and seems to apply to us in its relevancy.

Then I want to leave the general topic and go onto something completely new. It’s not so new out there, but here we’ll be chatting about it for the very first time. It’s not just any smoothie, its green smoothies and I’ll explain to you why I’m calling it so. Then it’s off to the gym we must go. Or if you don’t want to go there, you can stay outside if the weather’s good. A few good exercises, innovative like smoothies, inform my first thoughts on putting together a nice exercise plan that might just work for you.

Part of why the exercise plan might just work for you is because it’s uniquely tailored to your body weight, your muscle balance, your personality and your current lifestyle and social and work circumstances. Notice how I placed work last in that last line. Goes to show what I think of hard work these days. And that reminds me, good exercise should never, ever be hard work. You should have fun raising a sweat.

Not grimacing and groaning like an overworked donkey. That being said, donkeys that are well looked after should be so lucky. Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed a working horse. If its bag of oats is not loosely applied around its neck, it’s got the grub nearby to chow on whenever it’s earned its break and usually quite hungry. Being physically active and exercising every other day works up a great appetite. It’ll be the case for great women like you.

Just you wait and see. So after talking about exercise plans and what I like to do with my exercising time, it’s off to the kitchen we must go. You’ll be given another smoothie to relax with as I share with you my thoughts on putting together a healthy eating plan just for women. And that being said, I’ve barely touched the surface on women’s health issues today. Hopefully we’ll be given another great opportunity to share with you some more great posts on how women can take better care of themselves, health and fitness-wise.

So, what do I make of women’s health issues in general? I think it’s going to remain a contentious issue in some circles. This all depends on where you hail from. But in many parts of the world, women are still expected to do the lion’s share of all work, if you will, and then they must still find time for themselves. But women being the inventive, nurturing and creative creatures that they are, I’m pretty sure that after another round of multitasking and learning to say no, when no means no, women will be able to make more time for themselves in the gym, in the park or on the beach.


This is a major food crisis

This is a major food crisis

What constitutes a food crisis? That was the first question that came to mind as I continued to read daily reports on looming rises in prices, even in regions where it is deemed that there is enough of everything for most consumers. But what about the others? That was my next question. It has to do with those who simply never have enough to spare to put a decent and healthy meal on the table for their usually large and extended families.

Exercise plans for women only

Strictly for women only. Like I’ve been saying since I was given the opportunity to start writing up about women’s health issues. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when women were never even allowed to venture outside and take in a bit of fresh air while stretching their legs. My gosh, how far we have come. I’m going to start this post with a few easy to do exercises that are ideal for women and then close this post off with my own thoughts on putting into place neatly packaged exercise plans for women that could work wonders for you.

The side plank

You lie on your left side for this exercise. While you’re doing this, your knees must be straight. You prop your upper body on your left elbow and forearm. Now, raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders. You hold this position for at least thirty seconds. Then turn to your right side and repeat the exercise. There’s no need to overdo the exercise, so proceed with about eight to ten reps.

The one-legged dead lift

Get yourself a pair of dumb-bells for this exercise and then stand on your left foot. After that, lift your right foot behind your body and then bend your knee so that your right lower leg is parallel to the floor. Then bend forward at the hips and slowly but surely lower your body as far as you can. Pause for a moment then push your body back to its original position. Again, don’t do more than ten reps, although with this exercise, you might feel comfortable starting off with just four or five reps.

Mountain climber with Swiss ball

Pretend you’re doing a classic pushup for this exercise, positioning your arms rigidly straight. Place your hands on the Swiss ball. Your body must be in a straight line from your ankles to your head. Tighten your core and then hold this position for the remainder of the exercise. Then lift one foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Don’t adjust your lower back’s position during this motion. Then repeat it on your other leg. Alternate the leg positions back and forth for about thirty seconds. It’s a tough nut to crack, so start off with no more than four or five reps.

The classic push-up

Before I forget to tell you this, just remember that you can take in healthy liquid refreshments for these sorts of exercises. To keep your strength up, one of your favorite green smoothies will do the trick nicely.  Who says only strong men can do this and all the other exercises? As you’re discovering for yourself, strong girls can do them too. For the classic pushup, simply get down on all fours and place your hands on the floor, slightly wider than and in line with your shoulders, and with your feet close together. Lower your body until your chest almost touches the floor, then push yourself back up to your starting position. You need to brace yourself for this exercise. Not so strong girls might only be able to manage four or five reps, but this is an exercise that you can make progress with and build up on the amount of reps you can manage. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be able to do fifty or more.

My flexible exercise plan for you

Our time is nearly up, so let me close with my thoughts on flexible exercise plans. To be flexible means you should be able to squeeze in around twenty to thirty minutes of exercise from Mondays to Fridays. Over weekends, you take a break of sorts by doing something adventurous that also requires quite a bit of endurance. Another mention. This time it has to do with variety. I’m a big believer in this. Try to find different pursuits for you to follow every day. Find jaunts that you’re going to love and you feel most comfortable with. This all depends on your circumstances and surroundings as well.

Healthy eating plans for women only

Yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy. Ever heard that song before. Okay, most of us haven’t because it’s as old as the hills. I only found the lovely lyrics as I was working through my paper and research material for putting together this short post on putting together healthy eating plans for women only. Life’s ironic, isn’t it? Through the ages, women have been toiling over fires and stoves cooking for others.

But now there’s a lot of women out there, young and old, who need to be given a bit of handholding and even some tough talk in getting to take better care of themselves by way of eating the right foods that they ditched the day they started fending for themselves in the workplace. Well, that’s the general vibe, and it’s great that most of you reading this are already on the organic eating bandwagon and working your way through some great exercise plans until you’ve found the right one that works for you. For the rest of you, let this post offer you some inspiration rather than tough love.

I’m from a place where I never used to cook before and, in fact, I hated it most of the time. In fact, the only reason I got to cooking was because funds were low and I couldn’t afford takeouts then. Today, look at me now. Look at you too in the mirror. Absolutely fabulous! That’s how you’ll look once your healthy eating plan’s in place. You’ll also find that cooking is pretty easy and quick too. There’s also a surprising amount of variety to be enjoyed.

It’s not like in the old days when overweight girls had to starve themselves on green lettuce leaves and a pitted green olive for their treat. Today, you also get to focus on different food groups and fruits, vegetables, grains and meats that are uniquely tailored to your personal dietary requirements. For instance, if you’re ambitious like me and going to be packing in weights at the gym, you’ll have no choice but to emphasize your dietary requirements on a whole lot of protein, ideally from meat sources.

When you put together new, wholesome eating plans, there’ll be no more place for starving, bingeing and skipping meals. In fact, not even the fabulous smoothie can be used as an excuse to grab a quick slurp to avoid spending just a half an hour of your precious time rustling up something really worthwhile. Meals never, ever have to be boring because you can literally eat something different every day.

Let’s start with breakfast. No cooking time is involved, so what’s the excuse here. On one morning, you can be having a great bowl of oats, packed in with nuts and fresh or dried fruit. On another morning, if you’ve got a classic case of IBT (irritable bowel syndrome), you can have yourself a bowl of bran with plain yogurt. Fresh, colorful salads can be had for lunch every other day. On other days, you can treat yourself to mini protein meals such as tuna or fat-free chicken or turkey sandwiches, without the mayo.

It’s a pity that some girls are choosing to go strictly vegan. But its okay, I guess, and it’s just me being personal. I could not imagine a day of missing out on one of my favorite sources of protein. Farm fresh eggs over weekends for breakfast. Get creative while you’re busy getting healthy and lay off the fried eggs for a while. Go hard-boiled or fluff up your eggs as a folded omelet with some of your favorite vegetables included inside.

When it comes to looking for ways to kick-start a healthy eating plan, what could be more inspiring than a healthy appetite? Like mine. Trouble is, it’s really late, so I’m just going to go with a small bowl of dried fruit and nuts.