Healthy eating plans for women only

Yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy. Ever heard that song before. Okay, most of us haven’t because it’s as old as the hills. I only found the lovely lyrics as I was working through my paper and research material for putting together this short post on putting together healthy eating plans for women only. Life’s ironic, isn’t it? Through the ages, women have been toiling over fires and stoves cooking for others.

But now there’s a lot of women out there, young and old, who need to be given a bit of handholding and even some tough talk in getting to take better care of themselves by way of eating the right foods that they ditched the day they started fending for themselves in the workplace. Well, that’s the general vibe, and it’s great that most of you reading this are already on the organic eating bandwagon and working your way through some great exercise plans until you’ve found the right one that works for you. For the rest of you, let this post offer you some inspiration rather than tough love.

I’m from a place where I never used to cook before and, in fact, I hated it most of the time. In fact, the only reason I got to cooking was because funds were low and I couldn’t afford takeouts then. Today, look at me now. Look at you too in the mirror. Absolutely fabulous! That’s how you’ll look once your healthy eating plan’s in place. You’ll also find that cooking is pretty easy and quick too. There’s also a surprising amount of variety to be enjoyed.

It’s not like in the old days when overweight girls had to starve themselves on green lettuce leaves and a pitted green olive for their treat. Today, you also get to focus on different food groups and fruits, vegetables, grains and meats that are uniquely tailored to your personal dietary requirements. For instance, if you’re ambitious like me and going to be packing in weights at the gym, you’ll have no choice but to emphasize your dietary requirements on a whole lot of protein, ideally from meat sources.

When you put together new, wholesome eating plans, there’ll be no more place for starving, bingeing and skipping meals. In fact, not even the fabulous smoothie can be used as an excuse to grab a quick slurp to avoid spending just a half an hour of your precious time rustling up something really worthwhile. Meals never, ever have to be boring because you can literally eat something different every day.

Let’s start with breakfast. No cooking time is involved, so what’s the excuse here. On one morning, you can be having a great bowl of oats, packed in with nuts and fresh or dried fruit. On another morning, if you’ve got a classic case of IBT (irritable bowel syndrome), you can have yourself a bowl of bran with plain yogurt. Fresh, colorful salads can be had for lunch every other day. On other days, you can treat yourself to mini protein meals such as tuna or fat-free chicken or turkey sandwiches, without the mayo.

It’s a pity that some girls are choosing to go strictly vegan. But its okay, I guess, and it’s just me being personal. I could not imagine a day of missing out on one of my favorite sources of protein. Farm fresh eggs over weekends for breakfast. Get creative while you’re busy getting healthy and lay off the fried eggs for a while. Go hard-boiled or fluff up your eggs as a folded omelet with some of your favorite vegetables included inside.

When it comes to looking for ways to kick-start a healthy eating plan, what could be more inspiring than a healthy appetite? Like mine. Trouble is, it’s really late, so I’m just going to go with a small bowl of dried fruit and nuts.

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