Notes on a life well worth living

Notes on a life well worth living

Both professionally objective opinions and personal thoughts will be shared with you in this post. I decided initially to focus on how blogging work can make positive contributions to other people’s lives, especially those who need all the help they can get. I thought I’d take a broadly based approach and not just center my thoughts on one area of my work or one particular sociological problem. Let me be as forthright as possible, I am nervous as hell. Medication (prescribed) is not yet working its effects (positive) on me. But they always say that it takes time. As does everything else. So, my next line of thought on the process of healing and the need to make changes to improve one’s life (and those of others, as is the case for me), started to become a little more positive and, while still nervous, I am beginning to feel quite optimistic. I have to. There’s just no other way.

Positive feelings, positive thoughts, a sense of optimism caused me to be a bit mischievous with my creativity in the sense that you’ve just labored your way through one of the longest opening paragraphs to a blog post. Yes, it defied conventions of online writing. But I enjoyed the dare and I hope you appreciate how my train of thought influences the way I write.

To compensate, perhaps I just gave you one of the shortest paragraphs ever. Anyway, the feeling is this; no matter how hard life is, we really have no alternative but to be positive. It is quite difficult for many people, I know, I feel exactly the same way, even on good days, but there really is no other way. The longer you wallow, the worse your circumstances may become. By now you would have heard of the saying that positive things happen to those who are always thinking and acting positively. I remember a time in my life when I was just that. I was recognized that way in the workplace.

Hardworking to the core, I was always branded as a positive worker among both my peers and superiors. I think as I began to mature and become more involved in my work, allowing negative aspects of it to affect my personal life, I became more cynical. And as that happened, personal failures came. It was not nice. Anyway, here I am, thinking only positive thoughts, even though I am still typing this post with nervous tingling in my thin arms. I’d love to turn this blogging experience into a more integral and positive part of my life.

Personal feelings being what they are, it seems inevitable that I will be sharing thoughts on what might be hurting or eating at me. I am only me and am often overawed; or rather feel overwhelmed by my surroundings and the things that need to be done each and every day. There never seems to be enough time for everything that I set my mind to for the day, I mentioned earlier that I am slower than others, and the nature of my work is that it is always going to be busy. In this line of work and under present circumstances there will never be a clean desk.

But there always will be, and it has to be so, time for a clean break at least once a week when everything, not just me, shuts down for the day. Elsewhere they call it a day of rest. And where my new quarters are located the potential for being surrounded by just peace and quiet, no traffic from nearby busy roads or noisy neighbors is there. My only feeling of nervousness about this prospect was would I be able to get used to this quickly enough and would the eerie silence, morning, noon and night, bother me. I’ve been to my quarters only twice and on both occasions I had not yet met any of my new neighbors.

We are renting the room from a landowner. So far, she assured me that I was going to have that peace of mind and peace and quiet that I was actually looking for in the first place. I was told that my direct neighbor is a little old lady who works hard during the day, is generally quiet and rarely leaves her room. I was told that she is also quite prim and proper where housekeeping is concerned. So even though I am particular about good housekeeping, I got the sense that I may need to be on my toes. But that is alright. There is a small supermarket around the corner along the main road so I need not venture too far for my supplies. Also, there is that large, great mall I mentioned in an earlier post. But I am not really after the buzz of super malls am I?

Around the corner of my quarters is a quaint nature park. It was recently cleaned up by the town’s waste management folks and I am told that ducks and geese and other water creatures have migrated to the lake there. But one old lady warned me not to go there at night or even when it is quiet during the day. This is still quite sad to me. Not even in their own backyard or playground, poor folks can never truly feel safe. She reminded me that I was still a woman and there are always prowlers about. Law enforcement, I have already witnessed, only show up in a run-down neighborhood after a crime (or worse) has been committed.

Anyway, time to wind this post down. And let’s do this positively. I am resolute that I will quickly get used to my new surroundings. I have enough things to keep me occupied with indoors. There is also the blogging venture that needs to be explored a bit more in the future. It all points in the direction of a life well worth living anyway. Well, I hope so.

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