Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Mum Mums

Please tell me there’s nothing wrong with feeding these things to Peanut because she loves them. Really though, if there is something wrong I do want to know. I have had a sneaking feeling from the get-go that these aren’t as healthy as they seem.

They are very boring. I would think that Peanut would like them less because of this, but noooooo she loves them. She has never had rice cereal in her life, but she thinks that these rice crackers with the consistency of styrofoam are they best thing in the world. She even says “mum mum mum mum mum” when I ask her if she wants one. I know it’s a ridiculously easy word, but she does it Every. Single. Time.

I also realize that they’re processed and we’re big on avoiding processed foods, but we also believe in moderation and this is pretty much the only really processed thing she ever eats.

So please, someone either tell me that they’re perfectly fine or that they’re the devil so I can make my mind up about them. I’ve been feeling iffy about them for so long that I’m ready to get rid of them just to make the feeling go away. Though that probably wouldn’t happen any time soon because I just dropped $40 to get a case of organic Baby Mum Mums and a case of organic Toddler Mum Mums because no stores around me have organic ones.

At least I can say I don’t feed her Gerber because their high salt content or puffed cereal because it kills rats. Someone needs to give me a link that says that Mum Mums kill puppies or something. Ready set go.

Now as a reward for reading my crazy mama paranoia (and giving me answers? Pleeeeease give me some answers!), you get to see a super cute picture of Peanut trying to stuff a whole Mum Mum in her mouth.