Rekindled Friendships and Breastfeeding Baskets

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had a baby shower. I doubt any of you read back this long and honestly I don’t want to even re-read it myself, but I once wrote a post about this friend and a big argument we had about breastfeeding. She thought I was being brash about a private subject. I thought she was being oppressive about an important part of being a mother. After not speaking for many months, we decided to put it all behind us. I’m very happy that we did and I was happily invited to her baby shower. Peanut went with me and we had a ball (even though we had to leave early because it was way past Little Miss’s nap time). I, of course, made a her a breastfeeding basket.

Since I was silly enough to forget to take a picture (it was a very long week, so I ended up actually putting the basket together the day before in a rush, thanking the world that I already had most of the supplies ready from my previous breastfeeding-basket-stock-up trips). Luckily, she took a picture and posted it to her blog, so I’m borrowing it, hopefully without offending her.

This basket included breast pads (disposables), lanolin, Mother’s Milk tea, a bottle of water, granola bars, La Leche League meeting schedule and brochure for our area, and of course info packets from La Leche League about breastfeeding in general and a bunch of possible scenarios that need extra help (e.g. breastfeeding after cesarean, producing enough milk, nipple pain, etc.) that I deemed possible enough to include (which is, as I’ve found out making these baskets, really hard to decide).

By the by, this mom-to-be also has a fantastic little blog that I’d like to point you all to. It’s worth it to follow her blog just for the cute belly pictures, but she’s also crafty and a great writer. Happy reading everyone!

Breastfeeding Gift Basket

Today I’m going to a baby shower.

A friend of mine from Junior High School is having her second baby. We reconnected though Facebook (isn’t Facebook great like that) and she invited me to her baby shower. Being me, I of course wanted to do something breastfeeding-oriented. So I decided to make a breastfeeding basket.

I have no idea if she breastfed her first child. I don’t know her plans for breastfeeding with this child. Nevertheless, if she decides to give it a go, I’d like to make it as easier for her as possible.

I’ve had a lot of people suggest some awesome and helpful things to me to include i

n the basket, so thanks everyone for the ideas! I made an effort to stick to “in the normal course of breastfeeding” material, so I left out some of the information sheets that were pretty specific and things like nipple shields. I tried to just include things that were definitely useful or likely going to be (like how not everyone experiences sore nipples, but the majority do, so I would include info on that).

So here’s a list of all the things in the basket with a little explanation of why I included it:

Information packets- This was my big thing that I wanted to give the basket for. I included 13 different La Leche League tear-off sheets, grouped into three categories

1. General Breastfeeding: just general info on why you would want to breastfeed and such. Includes: The Importance of Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Tips, Establishing Your Milk Supply, If Your Breasts Become Engorged, and Tips for Rousing a Sleepy Newborn.

2. Common Issues: issues I felt were common enough for new moms/babies and not so scary as to make her not want to breastfeed. Includes: Are Your Nipples Sore?, Treating Thrush, Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?, and Breastfeeding After Cesarean Birth.

3. Working and Breastfeeding: because I believe she’s going back to work. Includes: Working and Breastfeeding, A Guide to Pumping Your Milk, Manual Expression of Breast Milk Marmet Technique, and Storing Human Milk.

All three of the bundles were rolled up so that they had the title of the most relevant information sheet facing out and tied with ribbon.

New Beginnings magazine. Printed obviously, even though they don’t make them anymore. I figured that it would give her something to read while nursing and it’s an old one that goes over Holiday Weaning. This seemed particularly useful for her because having a baby right around Christmas means that there will be lots of extended family wanting to hold the little one.

Schedule of La Leche League meetings in her area. I was lucky enough to meet this really nice lady at LLL that sent me her own personally made schedules for four different areas around here. I’ll try to mention something to her at the party about attending a meeting before the baby arrives so that she’ll have a good support group.

Water bottle: I would have liked to spring for a permanent water bottle, but money is always tight so I got her a big one that hopefully she’ll refill.

Granola bars: They’ll still be good when the baby comes and oats are good for milk production!

Lanolin sample packet: If I had to choose one thing that’s required for all new moms, this would be it.

Nursing pads: Again, I would have liked to buy cloth, but I don’t know if she’d be into that and they’re more expensive. I think that with my next child I’ll learn how to make cloth pads. Then I can just make some and throw them in in the future!

Mother’s Milk Tea: Yes, this is mostly for milk production, but it can be good for getting a good supply going too. I almost didn’t put this one in because I was afraid it would send the message that all moms have supply issues.

I took all of these things and put it into a little storage tote and tied it with a bow! I also took some scrap booking letters that spelt B-A-B-Y and put them on the side.

And that’s it! I would have liked to include a book or DVD, but again, money was the issue. A lot of the stuff that I used I already had or were things that were given to me, but overall I spent about $20 on the basket myself.