What this lady is looking for

What this lady is looking for

This might be a lesson for young ladies using the internet for any number of good causes. Ok, when I say young, I don’t mean high school or college girls. The warning applies equally, if not more, to middle aged and older women. This may because many of them, through no fault of their own, are not always able to read between the lines of social media language. They were brought up with a different form of language education and communications skills. They would not have been able to adapt as quickly as their younger peers to the cryptic and jargonised forms of social media-speak that is being used today.

This woman brought to me a story that could of been a hair-raising one for her had it not been for her innocence. It leads to a happy ending, more or less. She had been surfing the net for quite some time, looking for a decent place to say. And by decent was meant not just an affordable room or two but a stable environment sharing living space with like-minded people, preferably women. She also advertised on a local search engine, but sceptical, she did not follow through on all the responses.

Until one day, a handsome man reached out to her, explaining similar circumstances to her. He was delighted with her profile and regarded her as a model tenant. Also, his apartment looked really attractive. It was smart, modern and had all the amenities that one would expect from a relatively brand new complex. The price was unbelievable and she could well afford it. Coming closer to the day when an agreement could be struck, she innocently mentioned to who she had been referring to as a gentleman that her father might be accompanying her, in spite of her mature age.

It was mainly to do with arranging the necessary finance, in case it was needed. But after this polite information was given, the man disappeared from the face of the earth. The woman phoned him several times during the day until she had run out of airtime. She even emailed him reminders. She later remarked to me how stupid she felt but was sage enough to realise that in this seemingly thoughtless moment had occurred what is commonly referred to as a blessing in disguise. Now, we are not even venturing as close to extremities such as axe murderers, but my first thought was that this poor lady could well have been dealing with a scammer or someone with a serious drug problem.

Anyway, I am happy to say that the worst is over for her now. Tomorrow she is off to see a nice old lady some ways out of town about a nice, communal home at an even more affordable price. This old lady, during the process of enquiries, raised some concerns of her own. She wanted to know just how old my patient was. Because, quite frankly, she would rather have a mature tenant living under her roof. We both smiled at this. It might work out, or it might not. Only time will tell. It is not easy to do when under pressure but learning to be more discerning with the way online messages are composed, even if it means losing out, is necessary.

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