Women’s health issues and how they can be managed

Hi there, thanks for joining me on my blog where I discuss and share with you all topics and thoughts and ideas related to only women’s health issues. In this short, introductory post, I’m going to take you on a quick tour on why I’ve decided to talk about female health and fitness and nothing else. Well, sometimes, we could go off the beaten track if the subject material is that interesting and seems to apply to us in its relevancy.

Then I want to leave the general topic and go onto something completely new. It’s not so new out there, but here we’ll be chatting about it for the very first time. It’s not just any smoothie, its green smoothies and I’ll explain to you why I’m calling it so. Then it’s off to the gym we must go. Or if you don’t want to go there, you can stay outside if the weather’s good. A few good exercises, innovative like smoothies, inform my first thoughts on putting together a nice exercise plan that might just work for you.

Part of why the exercise plan might just work for you is because it’s uniquely tailored to your body weight, your muscle balance, your personality and your current lifestyle and social and work circumstances. Notice how I placed work last in that last line. Goes to show what I think of hard work these days. And that reminds me, good exercise should never, ever be hard work. You should have fun raising a sweat.

Not grimacing and groaning like an overworked donkey. That being said, donkeys that are well looked after should be so lucky. Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed a working horse. If its bag of oats is not loosely applied around its neck, it’s got the grub nearby to chow on whenever it’s earned its break and usually quite hungry. Being physically active and exercising every other day works up a great appetite. It’ll be the case for great women like you.

Just you wait and see. So after talking about exercise plans and what I like to do with my exercising time, it’s off to the kitchen we must go. You’ll be given another smoothie to relax with as I share with you my thoughts on putting together a healthy eating plan just for women. And that being said, I’ve barely touched the surface on women’s health issues today. Hopefully we’ll be given another great opportunity to share with you some more great posts on how women can take better care of themselves, health and fitness-wise.

So, what do I make of women’s health issues in general? I think it’s going to remain a contentious issue in some circles. This all depends on where you hail from. But in many parts of the world, women are still expected to do the lion’s share of all work, if you will, and then they must still find time for themselves. But women being the inventive, nurturing and creative creatures that they are, I’m pretty sure that after another round of multitasking and learning to say no, when no means no, women will be able to make more time for themselves in the gym, in the park or on the beach.


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